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My Little Travel Tribe





Welcome to My Little Travel Tribe. Check out our pages, videos and latest blog! Happy Travels xo




Our Favourite Travel Products

Before I start this blog I just want to say that we’re no way endorsed or sponsored by any company (maybe one day?). We are actually a low to medium income family and we’ve made choices/priorities in our lives to support/allow us to travel. One way we save money is I research the heck out of products before I buy, and then often find them in excellent condition on eBay or Gumtree. As our family is growing and we’re due to have a baby in early 2018 I have already begun researching a couple new products I hope to purchase. I thought that I would divide this blog up into categories and include some of Joel’s favourite camera gear as he’s been through a few and loves his current set up. BABY Ergo Carrier: My number one travel baby product would be the Ergo baby carrier. We borrowed the original from a...

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Our favourite city: Hong Kong

  If asked what our favourite city is, both Joel and I would reply Hong Kong. I first travelled to Hong Kong in 2008 and since have been there 8-10 times (I’ve lost count). Why so many trips to Hong Kong? Well, Joel grew up in Shenzhen, China and Hong Kong and we still have family living there. We love the busy night life, shops that close late, amazing metro system, hidden ancient Chinese walled cities and shiny new glass high rises. Hong Kong is an Island - well many Islands and these Islands/provinces are easy to travel between. Getting around is so easy with their train system, unlike Brisbane (grumble, grumble) trains run at each station day and night every 2-5 minutes. There are train stations everywhere, simply pick up an octopus card & tap to ride. At peak times both the stations and trains get full so consider taking a...

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How to overcome Jet Lag… with a toddler!

Jet Lag… I won’t lie, it’s one of THE WORST parts of travel! In all our travels I have found some legs to be more tortuous than others. Both Joel and I in our pre baby days tried several different tactics, one of Joel’s was to stay up the night before a flight, or start a trip tired. I hate feeling like a zombie so I would not recommend this, it did help him to sleep on planes, well that was before we had a baby in the mix. Our first overnight flight with Eliana was when she was 5.5 months old and was returning home from Singapore to Brisbane. She was a champ and due to only a 2 hour time difference didn’t really skip a beat. As we fly to Asia once or twice a year (Joel’s parents live in China) we have done many trips with a 2...

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Family Cruise to the Pacific Islands

On the 28th of January we boarded the P&O Pacific Dawn at the Port of Brisbane, Hamilton. We chose to board at 11:30 and checked in and embarked soon afterwards. We went straight to our room where our luggage was waiting outside our door. Our berth had 2 single beds and a bunk. We decided to lock up the bunk and kept the mattress on the floor for the week for Eliana as we decided she was too small for bunks. When we went up to lunch we took our life jackets with us so we could head straight to our muster station for a quick safety drill (all cruise ships do this on day of departure). After our drill we explored the ship and went to check out Turtle Cove. I was so impressed with the staff and facilities at Turtle Cove and Miss E (2.5 years) loved it....

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The Year that was 2016

What a year we have had! It certainly has turned out quite different than I imagined, but thats life, right? This year saw some major transition and changes for our family of three. In January Joel started a new role out in Ipswich (to be honest I’d been to Ipswich maybe twice in my life) and we begun commuting regularly 40 minutes each way. By mid year that role became more permanent and we decided to move to Goodna. This change brought about me moving schools and becoming a relief teacher at a new school, which i’m loving! Socially this bought big changes too, but we are feeling quite settled out here now and looking forward to all 2017 has to offer! On New Years Eve last year we talked about the places we’d like to travel too… On our list was the United States, Hawaii, a cruise and Fiji. Our...

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Day Trip to Tangalooma Island Resort

For my birthday my husband surprised me with a voucher to go on a one day Dolphin Feeding experience at Tangalooma Island. I have spent all of those 28 years in Brisbane and honestly couldn't tell you where Tangalooma was, but I’d seen so many photos and it was a bucket list place for me! Well after googling I discovered it’s actually really close to home and located on Moreton Island, 58 kilometres northeast of Brisbane. We departed from the Holt Street Wharf in Pinkenba, Brisbane at 10am. There is onsite parking available for $15 per day. I’d recommend arriving thirty minutes prior, not ten minutes like a certain travel tribe! The catamaran was quite large with both and upper and lower deck. We headed straight out onto the bow of the boat. It was a little windy but we thoroughly enjoyed watching the sites of the Brisbane River heading out...

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48 Hours in Rome with a 2 year old

Bonjourno!  Rome is probably the most culturally rich and inviting city i've visited. This was my second visit to Rome, Joel’s first. The vast magnitude of historical and archaeological sites in Rome is mind blowing. From the Colosseum, Pantheon to the Trevi Fountain and Vatican City. In a nut shell everything is old, and mostly very beautiful! Many streets are cobblestone and there are hundreds of natural fountains that provide fresh drinking water all over the city. We only spent 48 hours in Rome, but it was wonderful and i’m excited to share it with you. Accommodation This trip we used Air Bnb and had a fantastic experience. We stayed at an apartment only a few hundred metres from the Trevi Fountain & Spanish steps. We chose to stay in an Air Bnb due to the small nature of most hotel rooms & beds. We opted for an apartment with a kitchen (which we...

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Why Travel?

If you've ever booked a holiday with a baby or toddler and then told someone I'm sure you've seen a blank stare or shocked face in reply. When you're pregnant everyone loves to come and tell you their horror stories, pregnancy, birth, adjusting to a new baby if you'd listen to the stories you would wonder how mothers really survive? Well in my experience, people's travel advice and stories can be similar. I remember strolling through Brisbane city with my Bugaboo pram and sleeping 11 week old babe. An older woman stopped me and congratulated me for being out of the house. This was a surprise to me, as I'd visited the local mall with her at 4 days old and we went to church at 6 days old. I smiled and told her that we actually flew to Melbourne the week before and that I was enjoying being out of...

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Welcome to My Little Travel Tribe! We are a family of three based in Brisbane, Australia. Dad Joel, Mum Candice and two year old Eliana love to travel the world. Please look around and read our first blog 'Why Travel?' we hope you love to hear about our adventures and catch the travel bug too! xo    ...

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